2018 - 2020 Executive

Mary Rae - Director & President

Mary lives with her husband Geoff on Fourteen Island Lake.  They moved here in 2016 from Hamilton, Ontario, trading the traffic congestion and 407 ETR bills for the peace and quiet of lake living. Mary has more than 30 years’ experience in municipal government, most recently working as a lawyer for the City of Kingston.  She is now retired.  In addition to law, she has degrees in zoology and environmental studies.    Mary is passionate about the natural environment and spends her spare time birding, hiking and paddling.

Dan Gilbert - Director & Vice President

The first time Dan was introduced to the area was in 2001, while visiting the Rodgers (in-laws) on Fourteen Island Lake.  Subsequent visits here with his wife, Deb and their family, convinced them that they wanted to live here.  Deb and Dan bought their property on Little John’s Sister Lake in 2007, built their home, and moved in spring of 2012.  As a business owner Dan is thankful for access to the internet and good mobile phone service, which made their dream a reality.

Karen Deluca - Director & Treasurer

Karen had always considered herself a city girl.  However, two years ago she was dragged from the city and realized that the country is where she needs to be.  Being a dental hygienist, Karen has to travel to Kingston for work every day and it saddens her every time she heads out the lane.  The serenity, the wildlife that appears regularly, the sunrises over the lake, the opportunity to raise her daughter in such a marvellous environment, and like-minded neighbours all contribute to their feeling of paradise here.

Susan Grigg - Director & Secretary

Susan moved to Fourteen Island Lake in the fall of 1999 with her husband Brian.  She feels fortunate to live on the lake year-round and experience all of the seasons.  Susan enjoys canoeing and snowshoeing on the lake, nature watching (including lots of birds, snakes, turtles and deer on her property!), and hiking local nature trails. She has been a volunteer on the FIMLA Board of Directors since 2015.

Sue Pine - Director 

Susan’s grandparents bought the cottage in 1955 and she was born in 1956, so she has been coming to Fourteen Island Lake all of her life!  It is a special place for Sue and her husband, Jim, most importantly because of the many lasting friendships they have made over the years. Their three children and families all share the special attachment to Fourteen Island Lake.  Susan lives in Belleville and works in Bancroft as a hemodialysis nurse.

Alan Boyce - Director 

Alan and his wife Joyce Hodgins bought their home on Fourteen Island Lake in 2013 – initially as a weekend getaway from Ottawa.  Very quickly they were drawn in by the beauty and serenity of the area, advanced their retirement dates, and moved here permanently.  Watching the sunrise over the lake each morning, they still pinch themselves to ensure that they are not dreaming.

Anne Tucker - Director & Past President

In 1989, Anne lined up in Harrowsmith at 11:00 pm, in order to purchase her beautiful property on Fourteen Island Lake.  Anne is from Belleville and has three children and four grandchildren.  She is so happy to have found her little piece of heaven on earth, and to have met wonderful people during her 30 years on Fourteen Island Lake.

Craig Pettis - Director

Craig and Ruth built their cottage on Fourteen Island Lake in the late ’80s and early ’90s.  Their home is in Kingston and they enjoy the lake with their three children and their families.  Craig is a retired Family Doctor and practiced for 39 years in the Kingston area.  He was raised in the National Parks and has a great affinity for the out of doors.